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My little rosebud...
Years have flown before my eyes,
You are a full fledged rose now.
As you change your name today,
Embark on this lifelong journey,
May I bestow you with my wisdom?
Entrust you with my knowledge?
Explain what commitment means...
As time presses on,
You will become aware,
Life isn't always sunshine,
The colors of the rainbow fade.
Tests appear in many forms.
There are going to be days,
You will have to dig deep down;
For courage, you must be ready!
Listen, not just to what he says,
But rather what he doesn't,
The eyes never lie.
Be his peace,pillar of strength.
The tongue can be a vicious sword;
Think twice before you speak,
Once it is spoken,
You can't take it back.
Children are a blessing;
Rear them to the best of your ability.
Don't confuse the two roles,
An art you must master!
And you will in time.
Family is everything;
Make good memories -
For they never fade away.

Lastly, my darling rose,
Let no man or tribulation put asunder,
What God has joined together.
Remember your vows more on bad days.
Life has its trials,
But it is meant to be lived.
Years from now,
Share your wisdom as well.

- Grandma X X X
P.s - I left the pearl earrings in your jewel box;
They're yours now...

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019



I wish to see you bare...
It is not your flesh I seek.
But the burning fire,
Fueled by the being that is you,
And only you...
Grasping the window to your soul.
Let me be close to you...
Without touching your delicate skin,
Want my eyes to wander far beyond the temple.
That is your body...
The intimacy I crave,
Is that of an eternal journey.
I would like to know your treasured memories,
What gladdens your heart; fills you with inner peace.
Allow me to gaze in awe at what dwells within.
The quintessential part of your existence,
Could never take second place,
To your temporal gift; the human form.
How I yearn to see you bare...
It is not your flesh I seek.
But an everlasting connection,
Mere words can not explain.
Just pure unadulterated love,
That our unique souls share...

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019.


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Little Susie Rae,
Daydreams all day.
Of Santa Claus,
Coming on his sleigh.
She would like a pet,
And a drum set.
To play at night,
She likes noise I'll bet.
Little Susie Rae,
Hopes Christmas Day.
She gets her wish,
Wrote her list since May.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2019.


Image by Skica911 from Pixabay

Carefree as the wind...
Is my love for you.
Prolific are my words,
Pure and true.
If only you knew,
The beauty you possess.
Captivating... sheer honesty.
My love, you are,
The most beautiful girl,
In the world to me...
This cup runneth over...
Boundless for me.
Conditions... there are none,
Convinced you're my destiny.
Daylight can linger,
For your soul I see.
Abundant and everlasting.
My love, you are,
The most beautiful girl,
In the world to me...

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2019.


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Cheerful Mrs. Claus,

Speak a good word for me.

Please tell Santa I’ve been,

As good as can be.

Merry Mrs. Claus,

Do check the naughty list.

My name could not be there,

All wrong deeds I’ve missed.

Joyful Mrs. Claus,

Hint the presents I’d like.

The Pony and mittens,

Plus the two wheeled bike.

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019


Some want a doll, others a car,

Bells that chime and echoes afar.

None of that for me, all I need,

Is a tiny puppy, indeed.

Some love tinsel, others the snow,

Carols at night, hopping we go.

None of that for me, all I need,

Is a tiny puppy, indeed.

Some love Rudolph, others frosty,

Huge Christmas Trees, classic holly.

None of that for me, all I need,

Is a tiny puppy, indeed.

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019.