Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

This heart,
Holds no record of wrongs.
Hatred can never thrive here.
This heart,
Beats a silent tune,
Of trust, hope and love.
Tomorrow will always be anew.
The horizon I can see.
So much joy dwells in here...
My heart now beats for you,
Bad moments I'll take...
For good times i await...
However the tide turns,
We'll be in synchronized harmony.
Just because my love,
This is what's inside of me...

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019



If you can only see,

What I see…

When I look at you.

The windows that are,

Your emerald eyes.

Leads me to a place,

Of such peace and serenity.

A majestic waterfall,

Outpouring love and affection.

Let me bask in your glow forever.

Nurture me; grow with me,

For you have my heart.

You make me want to be better,

Than I was the day before.

Special is the day that dawns,

And you are by my side.

Woman, your beauty within,

Shines like no other,

Diamond in this world.

If you can only see,

What I see…

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019.


Pics from PIXABAY.

My little rosebud...
Years have flown before my eyes,
You are a full fledged rose now.
As you change your name today,
Embark on this lifelong journey,
May I bestow you with my wisdom?
Entrust you with my knowledge?
Explain what commitment means...
As time presses on,
You will become aware,
Life isn't always sunshine,
The colors of the rainbow fade.
Tests appear in many forms.
There are going to be days,
You will have to dig deep down;
For courage, you must be ready!
Listen, not just to what he says,
But rather what he doesn't,
The eyes never lie.
Be his peace,pillar of strength.
The tongue can be a vicious sword;
Think twice before you speak,
Once it is spoken,
You can't take it back.
Children are a blessing;
Rear them to the best of your ability.
Don't confuse the two roles,
An art you must master!
And you will in time.
Family is everything;
Make good memories -
For they never fade away.

Lastly, my darling rose,
Let no man or tribulation put asunder,
What God has joined together.
Remember your vows more on bad days.
Life has its trials,
But it is meant to be lived.
Years from now,
Share your wisdom as well.

- Grandma X X X
P.s - I left the pearl earrings in your jewel box;
They're yours now...

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019


We had a moment...
May not be a lifetime,
But nothing has ever
Etched so firmly,
In my mind.
You gazed into my eyes...
I did the same,
You didn't have to
Say one word,
For I heard them all.

As you briskly walked away...
I saw the future,
Your hand in mine,
Your head, on my chest
You were tucked in my heart.

But I left the bookmark there...
Did not turn to the next chapter,
Love doesn't have to be long
Just pure and true.
It was sufficient.

I can't count the years...
So I made that memory count,
We had a moment
May not be a lifetime
But oh! What a beautiful moment...

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019