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My little rosebud...
Years have flown before my eyes,
You are a full fledged rose now.
As you change your name today,
Embark on this lifelong journey,
May I bestow you with my wisdom?
Entrust you with my knowledge?
Explain what commitment means...

As time presses on,
You will become aware,
Life isn't always sunshine,
The colors of the rainbow fade.
Tests appear in many forms.
There are going to be days,
You will have to dig deep down,
For courage, you must be ready!

Listen, not just to what he says,
But rather what he doesn't,
The eyes never lie.
Be his peace,pillar of strength.
The tongue can be a vicious sword;
Think twice before you speak,
Once it is spoken,
You can't take it back.

Children are a blessing;
Rear them to the best of your ability.
Don't confuse the two roles,
An art you…

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FROM HER TO HIM (tips 1 to 5) — tinytotspoetry

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay May your arms be warm with solace… Enough to bestow her with peace. The armor that would shield her, When the walls of this world come crashing down. Listen to her, attentively… Even if a reply seems futile; compassion will be sufficient. Be her riverside, to lay her troubles […]

FROM HER TO HIM (tips 1 to 5) — tinytotspoetry


Thank you so much everyone!
I am ever grateful for you all,
Taking a moment of your time
To read and share your kind
Comments on by blog.

Hectic is the journey...
Some nights I actually
Fall asleep with my tablet
Next to me...
You guys lift my spirit
More than you know.



Thanks to Tina Stewart Brakebill for nominating me for the Liebster Award


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  1. I am the last of three children
  2. I own cats
  3. I love baking cakes and pastries
  4. I feel Like I can’t breathe in total darkness
  5. Christmas is my favorite time of year
  6. Six my shoe size
  7. Do not like hearing loud thunder
  8. Read a lot of Betty and Veronica comic books
  9. I always wanted to be a writer
  10. Navy blue is my favorite color
  11. I sleep with pink socks


  1. Mostly write when inspired
  2. Anywhere with a beach!
  3. To visit Paris and Jerusalem
  4. Sixteen, full of energy, hopes and dreams
  5. Super hot
  6. Words of encouragement from my followers
  7. They hardly ever visit my blog
  8. Salty
  9. A school librarian to young children
  10. Feed a baby chimp
  11. Not really, I would always make the questions simple


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  8. Which do you prefer, sunny day or stormy night?
  9. What’s the best book you’ve read?
  10. What would you describe as “soul Food”?
  11. What was your favorite childhood pet’s name?

Thank you, Edge of Humanity Magazine!

This is such wonderful news!!! Congrats Susi Bocks!!!

I Write Her

A big shout out to Joelcy Kay – Editor and Curator for the magazine for publishing the press release about The Short of It! I’m so happy that more people will get to know about this fairly new venture!

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Thanks to all my followers, old an new
And a special thank you for those who
Take the time to read my work.
I've got a lot of learning to do plus
I try to make it as entertaining as I can
To be honest, sometimes I feel like
Giving up but you guys make me
Feel appreciated so I hang on there
It means a great deal.

             THANKS A MILLION!!!

Going Live

New book out soon guys!!! By Arron Owen.Don’t forget to head to Amazon and check it out!!!

Mightier Is The Pen

Children of The Glyph, will (barring all incidents), be going live in 72 hours on Amazon in both paperback and e-book for Kindle.

It will also be going live on Draft 2 Digital on Friday 08th May 2020 (VE day) on the following platforms: Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Tolino, Scribd, 24 Symbols, Kobo Plus and libary services Overdrive, Bibliotecha and Baker & Taylor.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading and wishing me well with this blog and this project. I hope you’ll consider purchasing the book and leaving a review!

If not, worry not, stick around for more thoughts and ramblings from a man who thought a joke about Jetpacks and Machineguns would make a good book!

Happy trails adventurers! 🙂


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