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The Sound of Brilliance has PUBLISHED!! — I Write Her

Congrats to Susi on a job well done!!!!

Cover by Terry Susi Thank you EVERYONE who went on this journey with me! Both the paperback and eBook are now available on Amazon. If you are interested in getting your copy, please tap the links below to purchase. For those who prefer holding a book – click here to get your Paperback and those […]

The Sound of Brilliance has PUBLISHED!! — I Write Her



Make them flow,
Those unsung words.
You know,
Like the Orinoco…
Effortlessly effuse,
Undulate until,
A graceful churn,
In translucent harmony,
Streams in elegance.
Be the bearer of,
Good news.
Sturdy bridge,
That conveys nothing,
But connection.
Paramount piece,
To a fairy tale’s,
Happy ending.
Beckon hidden words,
To excite, unite,
vigorously ignite,
And please do invite,
With ringside seats for,
Symmetrical savvy verses.
Do not shroud,
The shrewdness,
That is your brilliant mind.
Like an evening tide,
Make them ebb and flow.
Endlessly and aimlessly,
Like the Orinoco.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2021.