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  1. I have black hair
  2. I own 5 cats
  3. I love horror movies


  1. Has blogging always been a passion of yours?
  2. Do you have any phobias?
  3. Who is your idol?
  4. Why do you idolize them?
  5. Name a funny thing you have done.


1.I love writing so I would constantly google sites where

I can showcase my work.

2.Mystery novels make me tick.

3. Michelle Obama.

4. She seems so powerful and energetic.

5.Raced a truck for bread and pastries.

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Pics from PIXABAY.

My little rosebud...
Years have flown before my eyes,
You are a full fledged rose now.
As you change your name today,
Embark on this lifelong journey,
May I bestow you with my wisdom?
Entrust you with my knowledge?
Explain what commitment means...

As time presses on,
You will become aware,
Life isn't always sunshine,
The colors of the rainbow fade.
Tests appear in many forms.
There are going to be days,
You will have to dig deep down,
For courage, you must be ready!

Listen, not just to what he says,
But rather what he doesn't,
The eyes never lie.
Be his peace,pillar of strength.
The tongue can be a vicious sword;
Think twice before you speak,
Once it is spoken,
You can't take it back.

Children are a blessing;
Rear them to the best of your ability.
Don't confuse the two roles,
An art you…

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