I just love wearing the color red this time of year...
Nothing but joy it brings me.
If you know me then you'd know
It doesn't take much to see a smile
On my face 😊


Hey guys, I hope your're having a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!
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Little Susie Rae,
Daydreams all day.
Of Santa Claus,
Coming on his sleigh.
She would like a pet,
And a drum set.
To play at night,
She likes noise I'll bet.
Little Susie Rae,
Hopes Christmas Day.
She gets her wish,
Wrote her list since May.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2019.


Please support my small  Christmas Collection of  poetry for the kids. It's a lovely read along, all things Christmas... PDF format on Just type E book 
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Cheerful Mrs. Claus,

Speak a good word for me.

Please tell Santa I’ve been,

As good as can be.

Merry Mrs. Claus,

Do check the naughty list.

My name could not be there,

All wrong deeds I’ve missed.

Joyful Mrs. Claus,

Hint the presents I’d like.

The Pony and mittens,

Plus the two wheeled bike.

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019


Some want a doll, others a car,

Bells that chime and echoes afar.

None of that for me, all I need,

Is a tiny puppy, indeed.

Some love tinsel, others the snow,

Carols at night, hopping we go.

None of that for me, all I need,

Is a tiny puppy, indeed.

Some love Rudolph, others frosty,

Huge Christmas Trees, classic holly.

None of that for me, all I need,

Is a tiny puppy, indeed.

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019.