Cupid flew over my house last night,
That winged silhouette was you...
Your playful chuckle echoed in,
The dead of night.
Arrows harmonized,
Like a golden wind chime.
My rattling window was no match,
For that glorious sound.
Discreet you were not,
Overflown with passionate thoughts.
Perspiration trickles,
'Neath  the glacial stars.
I crave a touch that is tender...
Stumbled upon,
A whirlwind of emotions,
A slave at their beckon call.
You mischievous maker!
It just had to be you.
Who else owns a potent,
So strong?
Who? 💘💘💘

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2021.



If you can only see,

What I see…

When I look at you.

The windows that are,

Your emerald eyes.

Leads me to a place,

Of such peace and serenity.

A majestic waterfall,

Outpouring love and affection.

Let me bask in your glow forever.

Nurture me; grow with me,

For you have my heart.

You make me want to be better,

Than I was the day before.

Special is the day that dawns,

And you are by my side.

Woman, your beauty within,

Shines like no other,

Diamond in this world.

If you can only see,

What I see…

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019.