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Away from a barren desert,
Near the crystalline waterfall.
The meadow is my median,
Amidst their silence and roar,
Courage I will find.
As the petals undulated,
Beneath immobile clouds,
Transparent was the mountain top.
Through the wind and sunshine,
Endurance I will hold.
Daylight spontaneously evanesced,
A Thrush perched in the distance.
I rose, frisked myself in stride,
Between the song and dance,
Fearlessness I will shout.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2021.


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Walk in the naked truth; the bare and absolute,
Falsehood will never endure.
That armoured attire is in vain.
Purity will unveil both day and night,
No grey clouds hang overhead.
Sterile and unpolluted from infectious deceit.
Clear as a sublime waterfall; watch me as I float.
Can't you see these streets of white?
Do you not feel serenity at your beckon call?
Leave imperfections by the wayside,
They hold no value here.
Purged from all malice; weightless is the feeling.
How do you sleep now that both eyes are shut?
Walk in the naked truth; the bare and absolute,
May honesty always be your guide.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2020.

(Photo by pixabay)



If you can only see,

What I see…

When I look at you.

The windows that are,

Your emerald eyes.

Leads me to a place,

Of such peace and serenity.

A majestic waterfall,

Outpouring love and affection.

Let me bask in your glow forever.

Nurture me; grow with me,

For you have my heart.

You make me want to be better,

Than I was the day before.

Special is the day that dawns,

And you are by my side.

Woman, your beauty within,

Shines like no other,

Diamond in this world.

If you can only see,

What I see…

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019.