Today is my forever,
And forever here with you.
Joy will come at dusk...
But never leaving at dawn.
Such beauty in transition;
Like our love today...
A gentle wisp of wind blew,
Combined with four leaf clovers;
A nightingale sang...
Splendorous scene signifies,
The difference a day brings.
Our story begins...
May we never obstruct fate,
Keep the flame of hope burning
Tuck our vows inside...
Vanquish any stormy sea,
For you and I became one.
Forward is our stride...
May forever be timeless,
Matching our enduring love.
Look into my eyes...
Let's delight in this new day,
Beginning with my name change.

(c)  Monica St Hillaire.


Upon this river bank,
I'll leave my troubles here.
The journey is anew,
It weighs too much to bear.
Middle of the ocean,
Is where I'd follow you.
No fright consumes my mind,
My faith equipped for two.
These stars aligned for us,
Please take me there with you.
Hope surrounds my aura,
My peace is tried and true.
Keep this here, river bank,
The weight too much to bear.
True love will now suffice,
There is no room for fear.

(c) Monica St Hillaire.

Thanks to all my followers, old an new
And a special thank you for those who
Take the time to read my work.
I've got a lot of learning to do plus
I try to make it as entertaining as I can
To be honest, sometimes I feel like
Giving up but you guys make me
Feel appreciated so I hang on there
It means a great deal.

             THANKS A MILLION!!!



Can you hear me?
Well, I surely feel you.
Every part of you consumes me.
My heart is full and I have come full circle,
I carry life; happy is the womb.
I'll bend my back for you, literally...
Your touch is definitely like no other.
These flutters I feel,
My unseen sign that you are okay.
Feel free to move, day or night and in between...
I am ready to receive you in this form.
I  have seen your face a thousand times,
Your smile, countless pictures in my head.
To make sense how I can love someone,
I have never met... a mystery.
Your first lesson; you will outgrow these arms of mine,
But I will always carry you here, in my heart.
I know you sense this every day,
The way it is intended to be.
I am a lady in waiting; prepared for bearing,
The most precious gift ever given to me.
Yes little one... you're the jewel on my crown.
The day I hold you in my arms is just the beginning.
You will feel my love coursing through like a ray of sunlight...
In your young existence you will absorb,
The power of a mother's love.
So, until that last grain of sand slides down the hourglass,
I am going to bask in this glory.
And I will wait.
See you soon...


(c) Monica St Hillaire.