Lest I forget
Breaking free this pivotal morn
Marvel in metamorphosis
Doused in redemption
Remembered the dark night
Encroached in cascade fashion
My space in destiny now depleted
A weight so unendurable
My head elevated to the lull sky
The goal to feel less constricted
Even for a brief moment
Does a butterfly recall
Any remnants from its cocoon
An alluring apparition
From the faded chrysalis
Allow the sequence to conform
Like a string of priceless pearls
This world is ready
Dormancy has died
Life will indeed go on
Let my wings flutter and soar
Interlaced with a sunrise
Ardorned in brilliance
I am breaking free

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2022.


These hands...
Harsh and worn, like a lonesome seaside rock
Diminutive in stature but with,
An overwhelming depth has consumed,
Dreams and fears... even the tears.
Time circulated like a roller coaster.
Come closer...
Convinced you know the story,
For you were there with me.
Your love...
Golden bright, as an authentic morning sunrise.
Can never outgrow the grandeur of spaciousness,
These hands have reserved for you,
Laughter with sad... even the bad.
Years flew like petals in the wind.
Come closer...
Let's both narrate the story,
For you were there with me.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2020.