FROM HER TO HIM (tips 1 to 5)

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

May your arms be warm with solace...
Enough to bestow her with peace.
The armor that would shield her,
When the walls of this world come crashing down.
Listen to her, attentively...
Even if a reply seems futile; compassion will be sufficient.
Be her riverside, to lay her troubles down,
Her mind will be forever altered with this gesture.
Show her your undying love...
Through your sincere actions and eradicate any doubt.
Words may sail from the harbour that is her mind,
Be her anchor... her refuge and comforter.
Look deep into her eyes...
Be certain she sees what is inside your heart.
Hold it just enough to make her feel,
Like the most beautiful girl in the world.
Though the road is winding...
And the future left unseen.
The love story can be wonderful,
May it be a never ending one.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2019.


There's a story in an embrace.
A time and space reserved for us...
As fate unfolds,
I feel the desire of your heart.
Warmth of your soul,
We were meant to be here.
Our moment to share...
As I hold you close,
Your eyes, fixated on me.
There is calmness and tranquility,
An overwhelming sense of serendipity.
How do I tell this world?
You are truly my destiny.
Your love, I feel flowing inside of me...
Such a story in an embrace,
A time and space reserved for us...
Let me find the perfect words,
For the chapters of our life together.
May they be as honest and true,
As the sincere love I feel.
Deep down for only you...

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2019.


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Little Susie Rae,
Daydreams all day.
Of Santa Claus,
Coming on his sleigh.
She would like a pet,
And a drum set.
To play at night,
She likes noise I'll bet.
Little Susie Rae,
Hopes Christmas Day.
She gets her wish,
Wrote her list since May.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2019.


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Let me be your refuge,
Your safe haven,
When fear embeds your mind.

Let me be your pillar,
Your rock,
When the journey gets weary.

Let me extend a shoulder,
My arms wide open,
When the tears overflow.

Let me be your dawn,
Your noontime,
And spontaneous night.

I will be your serenity,
Your tranquility,
When this world screams aloud.

Trust me to be…
In existence,
To be here… For you.


(c) Monica St Hillary, 2019



If you can only see,

What I see…

When I look at you.

The windows that are,

Your emerald eyes.

Leads me to a place,

Of such peace and serenity.

A majestic waterfall,

Outpouring love and affection.

Let me bask in your glow forever.

Nurture me; grow with me,

For you have my heart.

You make me want to be better,

Than I was the day before.

Special is the day that dawns,

And you are by my side.

Woman, your beauty within,

Shines like no other,

Diamond in this world.

If you can only see,

What I see…

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019.