Imprudent for the realm of peace,
Defiant in this incessant quest,
Rummage and toil.
Honed echo belts out a vibrant peal,
As an ill fated victim of martyrdom,
But one’s orbiting recollection,
Dissolves even deeper.
Rich yet warm halcyon soil a motion away,
Balmy lips can attest.
No light shone brighter,
Than an embedded willpower,
Which would simultaneously resurface,
In union with dawn’s wonderment glare.
A vision to match that of a conceived journey,
Which would commence with a single step.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2023.



Soul fused of fire and ice
Feel its profound wrath blaze
Shadowing the glacial ground
Its mediocre close knit stare
No match for brisk ascending mist
Embers die a slow death
As raucous flames suddenly wither
Matching that of a shriveled rose
Saturation of it all
Like a thief amongst the darkest night
Flaws of perfection ever so eager 
To never be lost in transit
Incessant enigmatical tussle
Not even a beating heart
Could fathom the vast duel
Of any given moment

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2022.



She wore a red dress today…
Not to accentuate the scorching fire within,
Or even sneer at every flaming ember.
Ultimately the sunset hue was her fancy,
Boundary of daylight.
Motionless yet marvelling at its ambience,
She firmly pondered,
If such a borderline can be pieced,
Near her wounded heart.
Lodged in captivity,
A taunting perimeter,
Adorned in solid armour.
Just a fiery crimson flatters the horizon,
Where mere mortals gaze in pure fondness.
Though in reality,
A whimsical median,
The story far from finished.,
Fate rests like bedecked poppies
In a methodical maneuver,
Her intuition works overtime,
Movement is imminent and inevitable.
She wore a red dress today…

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2022.



There’s a misdemeanor in the moon…
Trickery through swift howling wind,
Equivalent to vast illusions,
Of a descending waterfall.
Tainted in ambiguity,
Yet mystified amidst exquisite ambience.
Dredging nomadic feelings,
To roam in an extraordinary zeal,
And converse with smoky mountainous peaks.
Relaying thoughts that engrossed one’s mind,
On the dynamics of this callous world.
Fully aware to continuously dance,
Like that of daring gypsies,
Twirling at lightning speed,
Unbeknownst of an encroaching tomorrow.
Ample time some might say,
To surely interweave and fuse,
Among these phenomenal elements,
Laden in flawed perfection.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2022.




Iridescent entwined beauty
True magnetic force
As a nautical ship steering
Full boisterous course
Era of brass turned to golden
Blurred signs of olden
Emerald leaves upon this earth
Assent to your worth
Woven fine thread so arduous
Joyfully combust
You were loved…
From near and afar
Ms Hedy Lamarr

Carnation flower full in bloom
Vision of glory
Eyes were doors to a labyrinth
Of melancholy
Versatility undenied
Accolades aside
Emerald leaves upon this earth
Assent to your worth
Flair never whispered to ponder
Should there be wonder
You were loved…
From near and afar
Ms Hedy Lamarr

Mighty tide viciously ebbing,
Opaque world became.
Demise of withered rose petals,
Timeless endured name.
Paramount innovator,
Hold supreme structure.
Emerald leaves upon this earth,
Assent to your worth.
Sheer fairness concurred with trailblaze.
Amidst dusty haze,
You were loved…
From near and afar,
Ms Hedy Lamarr.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2022.



Slowly orbiting out of a mediocre mind
Vigorous flowers remain in awe
While the grass remain still
Like dead simpletons
The canvas is naked
Bare and beige
Not a moment too soon
Before colored diffusion
Makes its grand appearance
Timing is of supreme importance
Fate will never be a bystander
Or a gnarled stepping stone
Bedazzled are my feet
Shimmering amongst a tepid sun
Chilled filmy mist come to wave at me
Mischievous wind in all its glory
Yet still I ascend
Not relying on a rapid curtain call
Even after a spectacular performance
Yet still I ascend

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2022


Tears of joy from Uranus
Descend upon the earth today
An alignment so divine
Two hearts destined to be together 
Fate shall reveal its face
Beneath the pale blue sky
A swan gracefully glides
Leaving behind sequential ripples
Perfection in this flawed world
Gifted to be a witness of
A warm moment of bliss
Oblique is the gaze
Color of beauty in a prismatic form
All that's left to do is sigh
If what is to transpire
Is better than this present time
Bated breath will be impossible to subdue
The soul already hungers
May the glimmer of the sun forever stand still
The fairytale begins now

(c) Monica St Hillaire. 2021.



Iridescent sparkle of dewdrops,
Descended rhythmically,
As though it was synchronized,
With the awakening of dawn.
Phenomenal one might say,
Symmetrical even,
Before my very eyes...
As I rapidly exhale,
Warmth blankets itself within me.
Serendipity thrives,
True love is eternal.
In its glory I bask,
Newfound and untouched,
Just like the impending morn.
Phenomenal one might say,
But sufficient is the silence,
To cease this superb moment.
In a glimmer so vague,
My chariot awaits...

(c) Monica St Hillaire 2021.



I am a wordsmith,

Versatility overrun,

The corners of my mind.

Prolific and exuberant,

Permit my narration,

Witness these fruits fall.

Like a methodical chronicle,

Or cosmic carousel,

May every chord resonate.

Bearer of warmth,

And solace to the downtrodden,

The shining catalyst,

To the beloved and betrothed.

An angelic advocate,

The estranged scouts,

This earth to find.

Cryptic messages,

Stern intellectual maze,

A sapiosexual’s delight.

These words shall twirl,

Like rose petals in spring,

Dandelion seeds ,

Rotating in the blustery wind,

Over and over again,

Whilst the vast fruits fall…

Join me in my journey.

I am a wordsmith.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2021.