Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Will you give to me the attention I crave?
Look at me like I am the only one,
In this whole world.
Reserve a corner on this earth,
For just you and I.
And don't look away,
Even if a rainbow spews out pure gold.
Angels may sing;
A melodious chorus above.
I hear the harp playing.
Serenity soothes my soul,
Hold me close...
Here, the sun never ceases to shine,
No need to worry, darling.
Fixate your eyes on me.
Take my hand, quench my thirst,
I desire an ample flow.
Your attention I crave wholeheartedly,
Let's make a memory of this moment.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2020.


Dear Monica, 

Just a quick note to let you know your poetry will be live on

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Thanks again for sharing your work with me! It was such a pleasure to read your poems.  

Have a great day! 

Be well –

Susi Bocks


The Short of It

I feel truly honored to be featured in The Short Of It. This motivates me to press on. Please visit Iwriteher. com for some amazing poetry. Submissions are open to you mighty wordsmiths!!!! Do check this wonderful website out. Thank you so much Susi Bocks.


Image by BRUNA BRUNA from Pixabay

I am your chosen vessel,
That brought you safely to shore...
I am your shield and armor,
My solemn duty, to protect you,
From the ills of this world.
I am your comforter,
Solace is always abundant,
In my arms.
I am your pillar,
Draw strength from me,
For I have been waiting...
Oh, my sweet child,
Mere words can never explain...
This immeasurable and unconditional,
Love I feel for you.
The day you were born,
I was also reborn.
My crowning glory... I will never falter.
Know that I will bestow these feelings,
To infinity and beyond...

                                   I LOVE YOU...

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2020.



The sign that sits,
In front my heart.
I await the arrival,
Of my one true love.
Easy as the morning dew,
I know not your face,
But your heart desires mine,
And we are meant to be.
I will endure the unknown,
Watch the flowers fade.
They shall ultimately blossom again,
When two hearts are joined as one.
This joyous feeling inside,
My heart as my compass,
Will point directly to you.
I will surely know...
The sign that sits,
In front my heart.
You are worth the wait,
For you will make me whole.

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2020.