(photos from pixabay)

Delicate touch,
Mesmerized stare.
Bonded embrace,
Breath of fresh air.
For timeless love,
Eager to try.
Poetry in motion,
You and I...
Elegant waltz,
In rain of Spring.
Ascending moon,
Ballads we sing.
Tender caress,
Ends with a sigh.
Poetry in motion,
You and I...
Aromatic wine,
Laid on white sand.
Scented candles,
I clasp your hand.
Sky's hue reveals,
Daylight is nigh.
Poetry in motion,
You and I...

    (c) Monica St Hillaire, 2020.



Today is my forever,
And forever here with you.
Joy will come at dusk...
But never leaving at dawn.
Such beauty in transition;
Like our love today...
A gentle wisp of wind blew,
Combined with four leaf clovers;
A nightingale sang...
Splendorous scene signifies,
The difference a day brings.
Our story begins...
May we never obstruct fate,
Keep the flame of hope burning
Tuck our vows inside...
Vanquish any stormy sea,
For you and I became one.
Forward is our stride...
May forever be timeless,
Matching our enduring love.
Look into my eyes...
Let's delight in this new day,
Beginning with my name change.

(c)  Monica St Hillaire.



Love me at my worst,
With my hair frizzled out.
And my dress slightly torn;
Roses seem to fade away.
Will you hold me close?
When my wrinkles don't show?
The dawn may never come,
If silence consumes the night.
Look into my eyes,
Grasp on to my wretched soul.
You know my every inch,
Help me conquer this darkness.
Bitter at my worst,
Your tender love can heal.
It makes me want to be,
The greatest version... of me.

(c) Monica St Hillaire.



Engrave my name upon your heart,

Let everyone see what is inside.

But only I would know the depth.

Write a song and dedicate it to me,

The masses would undoubtedly dance,

Till the moon turned pale.

But only I would hear the words.

We’ll stroll along the sandy beach,

Leave your footprints behind mine.

Though crashing waves will surely efface them,

You will always be my guiding light.

As a priceless pearl, embedded in an oyster,

Let this world view our hardened shell.

Reserve this wondrous beauty for us only,

Allow these kindred spirits to ride off into the sunset.

For it is ours to conquer…

(c) Monica St Hillaire.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

This heart,
Holds no record of wrongs.
Hatred can never thrive here.
This heart,
Beats a silent tune,
Of trust, hope and love.
Tomorrow will always be anew.
The horizon I can see.
So much joy dwells in here...
My heart now beats for you,
Bad moments I'll take...
For good times i await...
However the tide turns,
We'll be in synchronized harmony.
Just because my love,
This is what's inside of me...

(c) Monica St Hillaire , 2019