Permit the dewdrops to fall,
Command ascending sunbeams,
Flowers might duly curtsey,
Should luck bear witness.
Be still and vigilant,
In a compound world,
An engrossed realm,
Expeditious pace of reality.
Agile wind rhythmically blows,
Grasping change with all its might.
Night rests in solemn peace,
Over an enigmatic horizon,
Among kaleidoscopic sparkles,
Forever to dangle at the cusp of day.
The medium established as a blank page,
Ambiguous maybe…
Shrewd demands to cease the moment.
Challenge that inner being to make memories,
To ingest life’s complexities,
Awaiting the unknown,
Exhale every bygone,
To just simply and earnestly be…

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2022.


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