These eyes have cried

A thousand tears

Sporadic as an evening shower

The periwinkles are drenched

But the grass does not shine

An overflowing fountain

I can no longer suppress

Not a dime to my name

For my one true wish

Speechless I have become

Constant quiver of the tongue

Restrain me from climbing out

Of a hole that is dismal and dark

Surely whatever I touch

Never turns to gold

Like a star that shone bright

Standing victorious

My sense of hearing

Is in impeccable form

I heard the slamming of the door

A daunting echo

I will never forget

Knowing without

A shadow of a doubt

You were gone

Never to return

A love once united

A life now divided

Yet in this existence

We must live

You will live without my love

And I will live with your choice

Monica St Hillaire, 2020.

18 thoughts on “BROKEN PIECES

  1. AMAZING, Gripping! POWERFUL! YES! I was looking for the poem of the day, and THIS IS IT! Oh, yes. Very nice, very nice. fluid, personal, the rhymes are flawless in their crafting. One can almost see what is happening. Amazing. Amazing. I’ll Share it on Literatim Poetry Press, as always. Keep writing.
    Oh, BTW, how can I contact you? Here’s my Twitter (Julio_reviews), feel free to DM me, I have something for you.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem. keep on writing. Is there any way I can contact you. Twitter, or email…? I would like to send you a nice gift.

        Liked by 1 person

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