I am enough but,
Are you worthy?
A bountiful river,
And you lack thirst!
You tread so lightly,
Yet still my water ripples.
Satisfactory abode,
Do you not see its value?
An effortless flow,
Toward a heart so vile.
Worry not about the storm,
I will not runneth over.
Sufficient in my depth,
Your meager soul, unaware.
I continue to churn in poise,
Stagnant during the raging winds.
Asserted and enough,
So please tell me -

Are you worthy?

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2020.

7 thoughts on “DAUNTLESS…

  1. A powerful metaphorical poem Monica…. sometimes these days, .. I wonder if any of us are worthy…..

    We Are Not Worthy, Nor Grand

    The Time-travelers have been and gone
    Transcending the stars and beyond
    Leaving us the message carved in stone
    Obvious warnings, pointing the bone
    “You are not worthy, nor grand
    to care for Mother Earth’s beautiful land”
    Decrying our humankind’s faults
    Locking our world’s children in vaults
    Poisoning our plants, rivers, and seas
    Contaminating the air we breathe
    Burning our forests
    Vehicle fumes
    Nuclear bombs
    Rulers greed
    Before we even feed
    Our fellow-man
    Slaughter upon slaughter
    Like we’re lambs
    Guns and bullets
    Millions for every bloody stand
    Like seeds in our hands
    Not giving life, only death and sand
    We are not worthy, nor grand
    It’s time, to make a stand
    Who’s going to lead our band

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