I know you,

I’ve seen you before.

Your presence is not new.

This energy;

Has coursed through my veins in the past.

I know you…

You are familiar to me.

I’ve seen you before,

Not with my eyes,

But through my soul.

This magnetic force,

Makes me feel whole.

I am your purpose,

As you are mine.

Let the sands of time pass,

Count each sunset,

Dance on every rainbow.

We can withstand,

As we did back then.

In another life; another century.

We shall continue,

Now and forever.

Here and beyond the moon…

Ageless are our souls,

Flee to any corner of this world,

And I’d find you.

For you are my missing link,

Shhh…. don’t say a word,

Just look at me.

I know you,

I’ve seen you before…

(c) Monica St Hillaire, 2019.

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